Concentration Requirements

To receive the Sustainable Enterprise Enrichment Concentration, students must complete 7.5 credit hours of Sustainable Enterprise focused electives. Students may also satisfy an elective credit by completing an approved sustainability-focused STAR, Global Business Project, or Independent Study. For more information on Independent Studies please see the MBA Policy Manual. All courses below are 1.5 credits unless otherwise noted.


Sustainable Enterprise Electives (7.5 credits required)

MBA 713, Sustainable Operations

MBA 790B, The Energy Value Chain

MBA 803G, Gender and the Workplace

MBA 815B, Corporate Sustainability in Global Contexts

MBA 820, Impact Investing (NEW!)

MBA 824, Management of Workplace Diversity

MBA 831C, Sustainability Strategy

MBA 833, The Business of Alternative Energy

MBA 833A, Systems Thinking for Sustainable Enterprise (seminar)

MBA 850A, New Urbanism, Smart Growth & Sustainable Community Development

MBA 855, Innovations in Green Building (seminar)

MBA 862A, Global Business Strategy

MBA 865B, Sustainability Consulting – Special Topics

MBA 866, Social Entrepreneurship

MBA 869, Corporate Environmental Strategy

MBA 870, Global Immersion Chile & Peru: Sustainability and General Management (NEW!)